Look for JLIRC Alternative

My first experiments with JLirc were promising but at some point I started getting issues. The idea was simple. Compile the code and put in in the classpath. That was working well but in the context of my Rasbperry Controlled Car I got weird issues. The JLirc library has a native implementation to read the infrared signals. The library has a nativeRead method to read data from the socket : /dev/lircd.
Without batteries attached to the car this is working well without any issues but with batteries inside, it hangs after the first button I click on the remote control. Weird, very weird. I have spend a lot of time trying to figure out what is the issue but I cannot find it. As I said, without batteries in the battery holder, it works, with batteries, it hangs. I can’t see nor understand the link with why it would hang.
In my search I have noticed that the JLirc library dates from 2001. And that is a little surprising. I don’t say the issue could be related to that but I prefer to have code that is more recent. I have learned out of experience at work that sometimes code running under an older JVM does not work fluently anymore under more recent versions.
I will have a look if I can read the socket via another way. When I have time I will also try to further figure out what is wrong.

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