Status Optocoupler

I finally got the octocouplers and tried them in my circuit but without success. I think I have reviewed my code and circuit tens of times but I don’t see where is the issue. Even with the octocouplers connected I still have the same symptoms. Once the DC motor runs, I cannot read any signal […]

PWM enable pins L298N

Hello readers, Trying out pwm pins to control the speed of the dc motors was not an easy story.  WiringPi has a software driven pwm handler which is used via PI4J.  In fact WiringPi is a GPI Access C library.  For more information see WiringPi.  The software handler makes it possible to have pwm functionality on all […]


A while ago I talked about making a Raspberry Pi Controlled car.  Don’t worry.  I did not forget.  Actually, I started yesterday writing some code to get the DC motor running.  What I need to get this working from a functional point of view is a Motor Controller which is a L298N in this case […]