dealing DC motor noise

To come back on my previous post.  So putting a ceramic 100nF capacitor on the DC motor solved the interference (noise) issues.  I did a lot of reading on the internet.  Google was indeed my friend.  I had no clue what size of capacitor to use but I ready few articles where 100nF was proposed which was the size I tested and solved my issue.  The circuit is 5 Volt.  Since the capacitor solved my issue I did not pay attention to test other values.  Probably other values would have worked too.  I have no electronis background so I cannot explain.  I try to believe what others say and try it out myself.

In the meanwhile I have put together my remote car circuit (2 DC motors) and tried my application and it worked.  I had completely disassembled the car circuit to the bear minimum in my investigations.


Well thank god that has been resolved, now I can have a look on further improvements, especially on my code.

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