Need for Spring ?

I have a setupCar method which initializes the inputs (individual motors)I use on my RPD (Raspberry Pi Driven) Car.  When I look at the code I notice this is not ideal. Too much hardcoded dependencies and this is not really something I want.  Imagine I would like to swtich pins because a pin broke,  …  […]

Back from holidays

Hello folks, I just finished my holidays.  Spend a great time in the Alps in Austria hiking.  Every year I go there to do a shutdown restart so to say :-).  Last year was a busy year.  Now that I am back in town I will gently pickup my Raspberry Pi Developments from where I […]


Hello, it has been a while since I last wrote something on my blog.  It doesn’t mean that I stopped but only that I didn’t have much time the last weeks.  But I did continue to fine tune the car movements. During my developments of the RP Driven Car, I was looking for a way […]