bugfix released

I just released a little bugfix.  I was reading the datasheet for the sensor again and refactored a little to do it exactly as described in the datasheet.  The previous version was also working perfectly but I did some write actions which were not necessary. Check it out at Github: https://github.com/jbyle/PI4JDevelopment.git   Jan  

First Example release ready

My first developments are ready. In short I created a java application that has to be installed on the Raspberry Pi which will read temperature and pressure from an Adafruit sensor (mpl1115a2) and showing reading on a small 16×2 LCD screen (Adafruit). As said in my previous post, I only used java technology and Pi4J. […]

First small project

Time to talk about my first project. The idea is to read the temperature and pressure from a Barometric Pressure/Temperature sensor and show the information on a small 2 row LCD screen. I already got all the hardware : Raspberry Pi, sensor, LCD screen, Analog to Digital converter. I already did some research on the […]

Hello blog

Hi there, Welcome to my blog.  The goal is to put my experiences on this blog during my experiments with Java and Raspberry Pi.  I worked early in my career as C developer but got interested in Java pretty soon.  After a period of developing for different companies (CIMAD IBM, Real Software and Fortis Bank) […]