New Car Chassis

Hello all,

first of all I want to wish you all a very happy 2016.  Hope all your dreams may come true and mine of course.

During the Winter holidays I took the opportunity to order a new chassis for the Raspberry Pi Controlled Car.  The one I got was not good.  Pieces were missing or incorrect and that made it not as expected.  The package came from China and was cheap so I won’t complain.  It’s sometimes a risk we have to take.  Anyway, I did use that chassis to do my first developments and tests so it was not a waste of money.  Once the new chassis was there, I directly started setting it up and and let it drive.  You can see some pictures here under.  I am pretty satisfied I got it working.  I made a little interface in JavaFX with a couple of buttons : Forward, Backward, Left, Right and a speed slider.  That’s all I need for the moment in the interface.  As I said.  Very simple.  The interface is running on my laptop and it communicates via RMI towards my developments installed on the Raspberry Pi.  It is working well although I notice sometimes a lack of responsiveness.  Question is if my choice for RMI is the reason for that or not.  I haven’t taken the time to investigate if I could use for example a light webservice (REST) to speed up.  Anyway, the goal was to let it move and turn …  Now I need to do the finetuning when I have time.

IMG_2220 IMG_2221 IMG_2219

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