Rasberry Pi Controlled Car

I still have some sensors from Adafruit I have to work on but I keep on thinking on my goal I mentioned in one of my posts.  I want to make a remote controlled (rc) car driving by Raspberry Pi and PI4J.  So finally I took my courage together and searched for that piece of hardware (car chassis) that will change my life.  I bought a car chassis (see picture) and controller to control the wheels on the car.  Bought 2 controllers just in case I would have the crazy idea to set up a 4 wheel  control on the car.  Not that I am putting pressure on myself. The componens come out of China, so it takes a while before they will be here in Belgium.  When looking for the components it surprised me that those pieces cost a lot less than in other parts of the world and even more crazy the fact that there are no shipping costs.  Found a site where the transport costs were higher than the hardware itself.  Amazing.  Disadvantage is the fact that it will take a while before they will arrive.  I have time but really looking forward to start developing, solding and putting everything together.

To be continued …

New 4WD Robot Smart Car Kits Chassis w/ Mobile Platform 4 Wheels Dual H Bridge DC Stepper Motor Drive Controller Board Module Arduino L298N HG


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