blog secured with SSL

As of this moment.  my blog is also available via secured ssl connection : https;//

Of course the blog is also still available via standard http connection but I know that people insist to have SSL from the moment they have to complete a form on the internet.  I am working for a financial company and a while ago, there was a guy who made an official complaint about the use of our corporate website.  The website has some forms that are used for sending questions, remarks, ….  His point was that since the website and thus the form was in http, somebody on the internet could intercept his submitted form and see what he had written…  We first had a good laugh about this but taking a step back, we realized that he had a point.   Although the forms shouldn’t contain sensitive information like card numbers or privacy information, it was a good idea to use SSL.  You can still decide not to use SSL but if you need, you have it.



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