Sensor TCS34725

Currently working with the Sensor TCS34725 (Color light-to-digital converter with ir filter.  Promising when you look at the description of the sensor.  But already when doing early tests I did not get the right rgb readings.  I also used a simple Python program to get the RGB readings but also there the output is similar.  Like with the other development I did earlier in this blog, I also use PI4J.  Now I am checking my source code and verify with the datasheet for the sensor to find out if I am missing something but since the Python program has similar results I have some doubts I do something wrong.  In the meanwhile I also had contact with Adafruit support around this issue but my questions are still unanswered although I got reaction from them.  See thread on  Feel free to make comments too if you have any ideas.  I am open for them.  I hope I can get the sensor give me the results I expect or have an explanation why I have not.  Shoot if you have an idea.

See TCS34725 for more information on the sensor.


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