Hello all, I just came into something that might be interesting to simulate and debug applications using PI4J.  Have a look at RaspInLoop.  I am an IntelliJ user so I can’t test it.  Hopefully there will come something similar for IntelliJ. Jan

New Car Chassis

Hello all, first of all I want to wish you all a very happy 2016.  Hope all your dreams may come true and mine of course. During the Winter holidays I took the opportunity to order a new chassis for the Raspberry Pi Controlled Car.  The one I got was not good.  Pieces were missing […]

Need for Spring ?

I have a setupCar method which initializes the inputs (individual motors)I use on my RPD (Raspberry Pi Driven) Car.  When I look at the code I notice this is not ideal. Too much hardcoded dependencies and this is not really something I want.  Imagine I would like to swtich pins because a pin broke,  …  […]

PWM enable pins L298N

Hello readers, Trying out pwm pins to control the speed of the dc motors was not an easy story.  WiringPi has a software driven pwm handler which is used via PI4J.  In fact WiringPi is a GPI Access C library.  For more information see WiringPi.  The software handler makes it possible to have pwm functionality on all […]