Rasberry Pi Controlled Car

I still have some sensors from Adafruit I have to work on but I keep on thinking on my goal I mentioned in one of my posts.  I want to make a remote controlled (rc) car driving by Raspberry Pi and PI4J.  So finally I took my courage together and searched for that piece of […]

blog secured with SSL

As of this moment.  my blog is also available via secured ssl connection : https;//blog.byle.be Of course the blog is also still available via standard http connection but I know that people insist to have SSL from the moment they have to complete a form on the internet.  I am working for a financial company […]

Developments TCS34725 finished

I created a new release 1.2 and pushed to Github.  I finished the development and troubleshooting for the use of TCS34725.  After posting my findings on the Adafruit Forum I understood that my readings in my application were correct.  A little python script proved this because the results there were the same.  As a conclusion I […]

Sensor TCS34725

Currently working with the Sensor TCS34725 (Color light-to-digital converter with ir filter.  Promising when you look at the description of the sensor.  But already when doing early tests I did not get the right rgb readings.  I also used a simple Python program to get the RGB readings but also there the output is similar. […]