Developments TCS34725 finished

I created a new release 1.2 and pushed to Github.  I finished the development and troubleshooting for the use of TCS34725.  After posting my findings on the Adafruit Forum I understood that my readings in my application were correct.  A little python script proved this because the results there were the same.  As a conclusion I can say that I am kinda disappointed in the sensor.  The sensor is apparently very sensitive for surrounding light which impacts the readings.  I just thought that I could put an object of some color on the sensor and get rgb values who were close to the actual color of that object but it is not that easy.  Read the forum for more information.  I have finalized the development.  Feel free to comment.

As with the other sensor, I used PI4J, IntelliJ and Java 1.7 of course.  The application is running on Raspbery Pi B+.



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