Hello all,

I just came into something that might be interesting to simulate and debug applications using PI4J.  Have a look at RaspInLoop.  I am an IntelliJ user so I can’t test it.  Hopefully there will come something similar for IntelliJ.


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  1. Fred says:

    First , I would like to thank you for this post about the Raspinloop project. (even if I find it more than 1 year later…)

    Then, Eclipse is indeed use for this project, but it is not the core. Raspinloop is based on FMI (functional mockup interface) to dialog between the application being debugged and a simulation tool. It would be possible for an IntelliJ developer to build a plugin to launch (and configure) simulated board.

    I will ask in IntelliJ community if anyone want to contribute to such a plugin.

    • Jan Bylé says:

      Thanks for your reply. It would be really great if somebody in the IntelliJ community could take this up. More and more people are using IntelliJ.

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