IR Receiver versus DC motor

Some more about my issue. I tried an alternative calling irw direcly in my java code p = Runtime.getRuntime().exec(“irw”); And the result was exactly the same. Once the motor starts turning, the IR receiver seems hanging. When the motor stops, the IR receiver works again. Some reading and searching on the internet learned me that […]

Look for JLIRC Alternative

My first experiments with JLirc were promising but at some point I started getting issues. The idea was simple. Compile the code and put in in the classpath. That was working well but in the context of my Rasbperry Controlled Car I got weird issues. The JLirc library has a native implementation to read the […]


After having lirc working on the Raspberry Pi, I wanted a Java program that can talk with lirc and make it possible to intercept infrared signals from a remote control via java code.  That is were JLirc comes in.  JLirc is a java api for using lirc.  More information about can be found on JLirc The […]

LIRC on Raspberry Pi

It is already a while that I have the feeling that the responsiveness of the raspberry controlled car is not really satisfying.  Always I have the feeling it responds a fraction later.  Last week I was changing the tv channel using the remote control.  I noticed buttons like forward, backward, up arrow, back arrow, …. […]